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Issue 8

Issue 8

Issue 8 e-reader version click here


Suzanne Walsh: ‘Tipping Point’ (Review of Niall Dooley exhibition at the Joinery, Dublin)

Mick O’Kelly: ‘Public Art Depends’ (Theory Article)

Fiona Loughnane: ‘Construction X for a Second Time’ (Review of ‘Construction X’ at EVA, Limerick)

Kevin Burns: ‘War Zone Pornography’ (Review of ‘Hands Across the Divide’ Public Sculpture, Derry)

Joe Lines: ‘SV’ (Review of Untitled Street Art by ‘SV’, Belfast)

Ciara McMahon: Public Art and Vaccinations’ (Theory Article)


Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Iain Griffin: ijvgriffin@gmail.com


Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com

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Issue 7

Download Issue 7 here: Issue 7
Michaele Cutaya: For a Discursive Criticism
Francis Wasser: A Review of The Trouble with Art Criticism a panelled discussion at the ICA
Tina Kinsella: Towards Thinking of a Desideratum of Art
Suzanne Walsh: Echoes at the Return (Reviewing The Return by Anne Kelly at the Goethe Institute)
Adrian Duncan: Invisible Background Instrument (Reviewing The Return by Anne Kelly at the Goethe Institute)
Editorial Team:
Iain Griffin: iaingrif@talktalk.net
Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com
Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com
Sinead Farry: info sineadfarry.com
Micheaele Cutaya: micacutaya@yahoo.com
Francis Wasser: francis.wasser@gmail.com
Tina Kinsella: tinakinsella@gmail.com
Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com
Adrian Duncan: papervisualart@gmail.com
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Issue 6

Download Issue 6 here: Issue 6
Suzanne Walsh: Art Speaks, Who Listens
Frank Wasser: MAYBE
Jake Bourke & Cormac Browne: Art and Comedy
Commissioned creative writing responding to Silent Echoes Exhibition at the Ulster Museum
Emma Must: Bill’s Big Ben
Scott Jamison: Failings
Matthew Ryan Sheldon: Tisch (Table)
Editorial Team:
Iain Griffin: ijvgriffin@gmail.com
Sarah Gordon: 
Maeve Lynch: maevelynchart@gmail.com


Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Michael Higgins: insearchofweather@gmail.com

Francis Wasser: francis.wasser@gmail.com

Jake Bourke: http://www.jakebourke.blogspot.co.uk

Emma Must: emma.must@btopenworld.com

Scott Jamison: scott_jamison304@hotmail.com

Matthew Sheldon: mshelton01@qub.ac.uk

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Issue 5

Download Issue 5 here: UPLOAD 5


Francis Halsall: A Day Like Any Other (Rivane Neuenschwander, A Day Like Any Other, IMMA Review)

Suzanne Walsh: Of First Loves and Latest Crimes (Rivane Neuenschwander, A Day Like Any Other, IMMA Review)

Francis Wasser: An Unauthorised Epilogue to ‘The Last of The Red Wine’ at Project Arts Centre

Ella De Burca: Thoughts Following XXX (A Holiday in Domestic Space)

Jan Carson: The Trouble With River Cities (Fictional Interview with Charles Lanyon)

Mark Kelly: Achill Henge


Iain Griffin: ijvgriffin@gmail.com


Sarah Gordon: disclaimer_244@hotmail.com

Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com

Mark De Connick: 


Francis Halsall: halsallf@ncad.ie

Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Francis Wasser: francis.wasser@gmail.com

Ella de Burca: deburcaella@gmail.com

Jan Carson: jancarson7280@gmail.com

Mark Kelly: markycoll@hotmail.com

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Issue 1

Download a pdf of the first issue here:  Issue 1 Aug 11

Covers designed and screen printed by Sarah Gordon

Contributors Iain Griffin and Sarah Gordon

Next submission deadline 5th September – email iaingrif@talktalk.ie

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