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Issue 11

Untitled 3


Download Issue 11 here

Issue 11 – Expectation and Disappointment in Art

Printed versions are available to purchase from The Library Project Dublin, Block T Dublin,  The Glucksman Gallery in  Cork, Galway Arts Centre, and Catalyst Gallery in Belfast, and in Ormston House Gallery Limerick.


Sean O’Sullivan

Ingrid Lyons

Lily Cahill

Maeve-Ann Austen

Niamh McCooey

Conor O’Grady

Barry Kehoe

Suzanne Walsh



Suzanne Walsh

Lily Cahill

Maeve-Ann Austen


Caoimhe Doyle

Cover Art

Jason Dunne


Iain Griffin and Sarah Gordon

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Issue 10


Click through for issue. 

Teresa Gillespie – She Clicks and Cuts.

Alan Phelan and Sarah Pierce – Discussing Handjob.

Ingrid Lyons –  Secretion by Willie Doherty.

Ruth Clinton – The Clock.

Eimear Walshe – This Situation and This Situation and This Situation

Cover Illustration

Sarah Usher

Critical Bastards Team

Editor – Suzanne Walsh

Founder – Iain Griffin



Sarah Usher



Issue on page 2 

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Issue 9

philosophy copy2 copy (1)

Click here for the e-reader version of issue 9


(Un)Objectionable Aesthetics, Ben Woodard.

Or Tears, Of Course, Rebecca O’Dwyer (Review of Or Tears, Of Course, Ed Atkins,

Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin).

Black Holes, Hugh McCabe (Weaponising Speculation conference – Dublin Unit of

Speculative Thought). Images by Hugh McCabe

The Ephemerality of the Sublime Experience, Louise Younger

(Review of In time’s furrows, Katie Belcher, Queen Street Studios).

Weaponising Speculation, Michelle Doyle (Review of Weaponising Speculation

conference, Dublin Unit of Speculative Thought). Images by Michelle Doyle

Rotator, Suzanne Walsh (Review of Rotator by Ruth Clinton and

Niamh Moriarty at Pallas Projects). Images by Kathy Tynan


Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Editing assistance:

Maeve-Ann Austen: austen.maeveann@gmail.com

Layout – Iain Griffin

Front Cover Illustration

Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com

Contributors’ Contact Details

Ben Woodard:  bwoodard@uwo.ca

Hugh McCabe: www.tracesofthereal.comhmccabe@gmail.com

Rebecca O’Dwyer: http://rebeccaodwyer.wordpress.com/

Louise Younger: louiseyounger@hotmail.com, www.louiseyounger.tumblr.com

Michelle Doyle: cargocollective.com/michelledoyle

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Issue 8

Issue 8

Issue 8 e-reader version click here


Suzanne Walsh: ‘Tipping Point’ (Review of Niall Dooley exhibition at the Joinery, Dublin)

Mick O’Kelly: ‘Public Art Depends’ (Theory Article)

Fiona Loughnane: ‘Construction X for a Second Time’ (Review of ‘Construction X’ at EVA, Limerick)

Kevin Burns: ‘War Zone Pornography’ (Review of ‘Hands Across the Divide’ Public Sculpture, Derry)

Joe Lines: ‘SV’ (Review of Untitled Street Art by ‘SV’, Belfast)

Ciara McMahon: Public Art and Vaccinations’ (Theory Article)


Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Iain Griffin: ijvgriffin@gmail.com


Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com

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Issue 7

Download Issue 7 here: Issue 7
Michaele Cutaya: For a Discursive Criticism
Francis Wasser: A Review of The Trouble with Art Criticism a panelled discussion at the ICA
Tina Kinsella: Towards Thinking of a Desideratum of Art
Suzanne Walsh: Echoes at the Return (Reviewing The Return by Anne Kelly at the Goethe Institute)
Adrian Duncan: Invisible Background Instrument (Reviewing The Return by Anne Kelly at the Goethe Institute)
Editorial Team:
Iain Griffin: iaingrif@talktalk.net
Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com
Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com
Sinead Farry: info sineadfarry.com
Micheaele Cutaya: micacutaya@yahoo.com
Francis Wasser: francis.wasser@gmail.com
Tina Kinsella: tinakinsella@gmail.com
Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com
Adrian Duncan: papervisualart@gmail.com
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Issue 6

Download Issue 6 here: Issue 6
Suzanne Walsh: Art Speaks, Who Listens
Frank Wasser: MAYBE
Jake Bourke & Cormac Browne: Art and Comedy
Commissioned creative writing responding to Silent Echoes Exhibition at the Ulster Museum
Emma Must: Bill’s Big Ben
Scott Jamison: Failings
Matthew Ryan Sheldon: Tisch (Table)
Editorial Team:
Iain Griffin: ijvgriffin@gmail.com
Sarah Gordon: 
Maeve Lynch: maevelynchart@gmail.com


Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Michael Higgins: insearchofweather@gmail.com

Francis Wasser: francis.wasser@gmail.com

Jake Bourke: http://www.jakebourke.blogspot.co.uk

Emma Must: emma.must@btopenworld.com

Scott Jamison: scott_jamison304@hotmail.com

Matthew Sheldon: mshelton01@qub.ac.uk

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Issue 5

Download Issue 5 here: UPLOAD 5


Francis Halsall: A Day Like Any Other (Rivane Neuenschwander, A Day Like Any Other, IMMA Review)

Suzanne Walsh: Of First Loves and Latest Crimes (Rivane Neuenschwander, A Day Like Any Other, IMMA Review)

Francis Wasser: An Unauthorised Epilogue to ‘The Last of The Red Wine’ at Project Arts Centre

Ella De Burca: Thoughts Following XXX (A Holiday in Domestic Space)

Jan Carson: The Trouble With River Cities (Fictional Interview with Charles Lanyon)

Mark Kelly: Achill Henge


Iain Griffin: ijvgriffin@gmail.com


Sarah Gordon: disclaimer_244@hotmail.com

Niall Dooley: nialldooley@gmail.com

Mark De Connick: 


Francis Halsall: halsallf@ncad.ie

Suzanne Walsh: suzannewalshmusic@gmail.com

Francis Wasser: francis.wasser@gmail.com

Ella de Burca: deburcaella@gmail.com

Jan Carson: jancarson7280@gmail.com

Mark Kelly: markycoll@hotmail.com

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Issue 4

Download issue 4 here: issue 4


Mark Kelly: The Imaginary Archive (Review of The Imaginary Archive, Gregory Sholette,  126, Galway)

Jan Carson: Paul Erdos Almost Speaks (Creative Writing Response to Jan McNiell’s piece at the RUA exhibition, Ulster Museum, Belfast)

Andrew Eaton: The New Black (Review of ‘The Build Conference’, Black Box, Belfast)

David McClelland: Silent Echoes (Review of Silent Echoes group exhibition, Ulster Museum, Belfast)

Iain Griffin: Common Interests (Review of AAI Awards, PLACE, Belfast)

Frank Wasser: Sisiphus Rising (Review of Underground, Basic Space, Dublin)

Sarah Allen: Revenge (Review of Revenge of the Pleasure Principle, KT Contemporary, Dublin)

Suzanne Walsh: Slippery Subjects (Creative Writing Response to Case Study: Loch Ness, Gerard Byrne, IMMA, Dublin)

Lee Devonish: Nothing (Review of Nothing in the World But Youth, Turner Contemporary, Margate)



Sarah Gordon: disclaimer_244@hotmail.com

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Issue 2

The online edition of Critical Bastards Magazine Issue 2 can be downloaded here: Issue 2 CB

Front cover designed and hand printing by Sarah Gordon. Edited by Iain Griffin.

Iain Griffin
Justin Connolly
Gerard Stauton
Dermot Browne
Mark Kelly (Print edition only)
Jake Bourke


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