Critical Bastards Magazine is an emerging creative forum of criticality as a response to contemporary visual art in the island of Ireland and beyond. 
We Like:
Articles may take any form as long as their subject matter is related to visual art. This includes reviews of exhibitions/public art/art organisation/art events, Ekphrastic poetry and art theory.
Articles should be approx 500 words. That’s between 1 and 3 A5 pages. 2 is the recommended. If you wish to write a longer piece please consult via email. All articles should have a visual reference of some sort. Illustrations are recommended. One photograph image works also.
Documents should be in ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 13. Title and writers name should be size 12, same font, and bold. Please save as a word document.
We exist because:
1) We aim to catalyse critical thinking and experimental artistic activity in the Irish art scene, both North and South.
2) We seek conversation across Ireland.
3) We regard viewing art work, especially international artwork, as having upmost importance in relation to making good work of your own.
Print editions are available in The Library Project Dublin, The Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin, Project Arts Centre, Winding Stair Bookshop, Catalyst Gallery Belfast, The Glucksman Gallery Cork, Ormston House Gallery in Limerick.



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