Issue 13

Disjointed Star Sue Rainsford

Sift Scythe Scutch Michelle Hall

Enjoying die Dinge mit difficulty Fiona Gannon

Taking the model village of A Fair Land at IMMA as a starting point, and responding to Agamben’s idea of a life that is inseparable from its form and Heidegger’s thinking around usefulness and invisibility, I conducted two interviews to think about the relationship between people and equipment. Fiona Gannon 2016

A Description of the Emotional Labour I Carried Out During Our Conversation, In Which You Spoke 95% Of The Time Renèe Helèna Browne

5 poems read by machines Jonathan Mayhew

WORK, Work & work.
50Hz for 60secs
Everything I wasn’t supposed to do while doing this
60Hz for 50secs

Be.Work. Jennie Taylor

RchlTrsRs: Re: Fwd: Re: Work

The Performed Nothing Rebecca Dunne & Eoghan McIntyre

An interview concerning The Performed Nothing, an essay about the result of the global disappearance of art spaces (which is doubtful) with Ciaran McGinley, the essay’s author (whose existence is doubtful).

Work Sharing Christodoulos Makris

Performed & recorded on 5 October 2016.

The Ever Twinkling James Merrigan

The Ever-Twinkling (Synopsis)
Four centuries from now the sun is dying, the Earth is dead and Individualism is being suppressed. The human race survives rather than strives in an artificially built environment under the aegis of a collectivist and completist ideology called the Ever-Twinkling. But the seeds of Individualism are being sowed once again in the name of Artemisia Art.

Artemisia Art ~ Theresa Merrigan

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  1. […] My audio piece disjointed star is included in issue 13 of Critical Bastards. […]

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