Issue 13


Issue 13 WORK

For best quality we advise listening to this issue with external speakers or headphones 🙂


Disjointed Star – Sue Rainsford

Sift Scythe Scutch – Michelle Hall

Enjoying die Dinge mit difficulty – Fiona Gannon

A Description of the Emotional Labour I Carried Out During Our Conversation, In Which You Spoke 95% Of The Time – Renèe Helèna Browne

5 poems read by machines – Jonathan Mayhew

Be.Work. – Jennie Taylor

RchlTrsRs: Re: Fwd: Re: Work

The Performed Nothing – Rebecca Dunne & Eoghan McIntyre

Work Sharing – Christodoulos Makris

The Ever Twinkling – James Merrigan

Cover Image

Jonathan Mayhew

Critical Bastards Team

Editors – Lily Cahill, Deborah Madden, Jennie Taylor, Suzanne Walsh

Founders – Iain Griffin and Sarah Gordon


One thought on “Issue 13

  1. […] My audio piece disjointed star is included in issue 13 of Critical Bastards. […]

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