Critical Bastards Magazine

Issue 9


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(Un)Objectionable Aesthetics, Ben Woodard.

Or Tears, Of Course, Rebecca O’Dwyer (Review of Or Tears, Of Course, Ed Atkins,

Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin).

Black Holes, Hugh McCabe (Weaponising Speculation conference – Dublin Unit of

Speculative Thought). Images by Hugh McCabe

The Ephemerality of the Sublime Experience, Louise Younger

(Review of In time’s furrows, Katie Belcher, Queen Street Studios).

Weaponising Speculation, Michelle Doyle (Review of Weaponising Speculation

conference, Dublin Unit of Speculative Thought). Images by Michelle Doyle

Rotator, Suzanne Walsh (Review of Rotator by Ruth Clinton and

Niamh Moriarty at Pallas Projects). Images by Kathy Tynan


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