Issue 6

Download Issue 6 here: Issue 6
Suzanne Walsh: Art Speaks, Who Listens
Frank Wasser: MAYBE
Jake Bourke & Cormac Browne: Art and Comedy
Commissioned creative writing responding to Silent Echoes Exhibition at the Ulster Museum
Emma Must: Bill’s Big Ben
Scott Jamison: Failings
Matthew Ryan Sheldon: Tisch (Table)
Editorial Team:
Iain Griffin:
Sarah Gordon: 
Maeve Lynch:


Suzanne Walsh:

Michael Higgins:

Francis Wasser:

Jake Bourke:

Emma Must:

Scott Jamison:

Matthew Sheldon:

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3 thoughts on “Issue 6

  1. […] have an article in Issue 6 of Critical Bastards magazine, a Belfast based publication which also features writing from Dublin based artists and writers. […]

  2. me says:

    Think it would be good to be able to see whats in an issue strght away when viewing the link to you.
    Great that you have a list of the contributers , but would like alist of the articles.

    cant spell .

    from critical bastered viewer.

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